I often feel that, with all the other issues in the world, pursuing All Natural Surfboards isn’t a worthy enough cause. Why spend my life trying to change something that has so little impact compared to many other problems in the world? I suppose it’s because it’s what I’m passionate about right now. I can hear people saying, “Don’t worry about the why. The why will come – and it might come in a way completely unrelated to surfboards or even surfing in general.” I do feel comforted by these words. We can’t always know why we choose to do something. We are drawn to it for a reason and that reason may not be immediately apparent. I imagine this project could be a gateway to becoming more involved in the environmental community. There are so many hurdles to getting this project going. The main hurdles I find the most difficult are finding out if the materials I want to use are truly sustainable. What is sustainable? Cutting down trees isn’t sustainable or environmentally friendly. Animals’ homes get destroyed. Even if other trees are planted, it takes years for them to mature. Then what? Cut them down again and ruin more homes? What about tree farms? Is that good use of space?

I’ve asked companies about their non-toxic products and have been given answers that make them sound legitimate. But I’m still skeptical. I’m even skeptical about wood. Wood, when burned, releases many toxic fumes, but it’s become so normalized with bonfires and indoor fireplaces that we don’t even think about it as toxic. But think about it – How does it feel when you get smoke in your eyes? Or when you breathe some smoke in? Wood is good because it’s a renewable resource and when new trees are planted they can offset the carbon dioxide that’s released when the used wood is burned.

We’ll see if these boards even surf well. They might completely bog and be worthless.

It’d be cool to use ecopoxy and vacuum seal cork for the top and bottom skin. Then wax wouldn’t be needed.

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